choose another path

Time passes in moments. Moments which, rushing past, define the path of a life just as surely as they lead towards its end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path. To see the reasons why all things happen. To consider whether the path we take in life is of our own making, or simply one into which we’ve drifted with eyes closed. But what if we were to stop? Pause to take stock of each precious moment before it passes? Might we then see the endless forks in the roads that have shaped a life? And… seeing those choices… choose another path.

X-Files S07E17

all of us are so desperate to feel something

Rome is burning“, he said as he poured himself another drink, „yet here I am knee deep in a river of pussy.“ „Here it comes“, she said to herself, another self-centered whiskey soaked guy talking about how f***ing great everything was in the past and about how all us poor souls born too late to see the Rolling Stones at where ever or snort the good coke they had at Studio 54. How we all just missed out on practically everything worth living for, and the worst part was, she agreed with him. „Here we are“, she thought, at the edge of the world, and all of us are so desperate to feel something, anything that we keep falling into each other and f***ing our way towards the end of days…

from „Californication“


Ich sitze mit etwa zwanzig anderen Leuten in einem Seminarraum an der Uni. Sie stellen nacheinander ihre Abschlußarbeiten im Masterstudiengang Fotografie vor.
Ein wenig verwirrt frage ich den jungen Mann in der Reihe vor mir, der später dann atemberaubende Bilder, die er auf seiner Reise durch die ganze Welt gemacht hat, zeigen wird, was ich hier eigentlich soll. Ich würde ja schließlich nur langweilige chemische Analysen machen.
Er dreht sich um, schaut mich an und fragt: „Ist das das, was Du wirklich machen willst?“
Ich bleibe ihm die Antwort schuldig und verlasse den Raum.
Draußen treffe ich ein junges Mädchen, das gerade Abitur gemacht hat. Sie fragt mich:“Was soll ich aus meinem Leben machen?“
„Mach das, was Du wirklich liebst. Verschwende nicht Deine Zeit, laß Dich nicht von Idioten ausbremsen.“, antworte ich mit Tränen in den Augen und gehe fort.
Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008

It’s all about lines

It’s all about lines. The finish line at the end of residency, waiting in line for a chance at the operating table, and then there’s the most important line, the line separating you from the people you work with. It doesn’t help to get too familiar to make friends. You need boundaries, between you and the rest of the world. Other people are far too messy. It’s all about lines. Drawing lines in the sand and praying like hell no one crosses them.

At some point you have to make a decision. Boundaries don’t keep other people out, they fence you in. Life is messy, that’s how we’re made. So you can waste your life drawing lines…or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines that are way too dangerous to cross. Here’s what I know. If you’re willing to take a chance…the view from the other side…is spectacular.

Grey`s Anatomy S01E02

Responsibility, it really does suck

Remember when you were a kid and your biggest worry was, like, if you’d get a bike for your birthday or if you’d get to eat cookies for breakfast? Being an adult? Totally overrated. I mean, seriously, don’t be fooled by all the hot shoes and the great sex and the no parents anywhere telling you what to do. Adulthood is responsibility…

Responsibility, it really does suck. Unfortunately, once you get past the age of braces and training bras, responsibility doesn’t go away. It can’t be avoided. Either someone makes us face it or we suffer the consequences. And still adulthood has it perks. I mean the shoes, the sex, the no parents anywhere telling you what to do. That’s, pretty damn good.

Grey`s Anatomy S01E05

Life is not a spectator sport

Life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose, or draw, the game is on. So go ahead… argue with the ref, change the rules, cheat a little, take a break and tend to your wounds. But play. Play. Play hard, play fast… play loose and free. Play as if there’s no tomorrow. Okay, so it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game… right?

To be extraordinary

The sun rises on a new dawn. Yet few of us realize the debt we owe to those responsible for this. To those who dwell among us. Anonymous, seemingly ordinary. Whom destiny brought together to repair, to heal, to save us from ourselves. And they’re still out there, among us. In the shadows, in the light. We pass them on the street without a glance, never suspecting, never knowing. Do they even know yet? That they are bound together by a common purpose? A glaring reality? . And when destiny does annoint them, how do they hide from it? How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?

from „Heroes“ S02E01

Start telling the stories that only you can tell

“Start telling the stories that only you can tell, because there’ll always be better writers than you and there’ll always be smarter writers than you. There will always be people who are much better at doing this or doing that— but you are the only you.“
— Neil Gaiman

dann wird alles möglich

Wenn wir aufhören, an unsere Ängste und Zweifel zu denken, beginnen sie, ihre Macht zu verlieren.
Wenn wir aufhören zu Glauben, dass gutes unmöglich ist, dann wird alles möglich.

Erica Jong

Imagine immensities

Imagine immensities.

Pick yourself up from rejection and plow ahead.

Don’t compromise.

Start now.

Start now, every single day.

Debbie Millman